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10 exciting, easy animal craft ideas to tackle with your kids

  1. Paper Plate Fish

    Why not create some colourful fish out of paper plates! Cut out some ‘fins’ and a ‘tail’ out of cardboard or another paper plate, add a googly eye, and paint your fish any colours you like!

2. Paper Plate Lion

Cut around the edges of a paper plate to make the lion’s maine, then paint and decorate to make a fearce lion!

3. Dinosaur Shadow Drawing

A fantastic idea is to get outside in the sun, and put some dinosaur figurines you may have on the side of some paper. Then go along and draw around the shadows, and colour in your dinosaurs! You can use A4 paper too, one dinosaur for each page.

4. Pasta Butterflies

Get some pasta bows from the supermarket and colour them in with some textas or markers. Glue them on some paper and draw around them to make them look like pretty butterflies.

5. Fish weaving

Use our fishy template, and cut out so you can weave some wool around the prongs you cut out on the top and bottom of the fish. Use different coloured pieces of cardboard to make lots of vibrant fish!

6. Milk Carton Elephants

Grab an empty 3 litre bottle of milk, cut off the bottom and shape each side by cutting out a sqaure to make the ‘legs’. Remove the lid, then glue on cut up pieces of paper to decorate your elephant. Glue on googly eyes to finish him off – make sure you use different coloured pieces of paper to brighten them up!

7. Paper Plate Jelly Fish

Another fantastic paper plate creation! Cut a paper plate in 2/3, ensuring where you cut has a wave to it which is the bottom of the Jelly Fish. Hole punch holes all the way along the edge of this area you have just cut. Using coloured wool pieces, tie each piece of wool through every one of the holes. Add some google eyes and paint your favourite colour!

8. Paper Plate Dinosaur

Cut a paper plate in half, and use one half for the body of the Stegasaurus Dinosaur. With the other half, cut up a piee for his tale, a piece for his head and 8 triangle pieces for the spikes on his back. Glue all these pieces on, and using a toilet roll, cut this in half to make the feet. To slide the ‘feet’ on, make a slit in each side of the toilet roll to slide the paper plate in. Add a google eye to his face and paint your favourite colour!

9. Caterpillars

Using a paper plate, cut out an arch to use for the Caterpillar’s body. Using the centre of the paper plate that you cut out, cut a circle for his head, and some tentacles. Glue the tentacles onto the head, then glue or staple the head to the body. Paint the body your favourite colours, and draw on some eyes and a mouth with a marker.

10. Lion Weaving

Cut out a round circle out of paper or cardboard, and glue onto a larger square piece of cardboard. Using a metal skewer, puncture a row of holes around the edge of the round piece of paper, and a second row about 4cm (1.5in) out in a circle. These two rows of holes will be where you weave the wool. Using a cut off piece of straw, thread the wool through the straw, and use this to push through each hole to weave, and create the lion’s maine. Using cut out paper, create piece to make up the lion’s face and eyes.

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